Is it worth investing in only one or two shares in stocks?

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I had 1,32,000 i was thinking to invest in 1 or 2 stock of green energy stocks.. so i can get maximum profit...  or should i diversify my portfolio in all other sectors...

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Sometimes Quality matters instead of quantity. If you have guts and Confidence in that stock then Can put the amount in only one stock.

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5 strong stocks from different sectors are needed. This is not gambling.

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ok bhai
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Take ireda and sleep.... Again it is skyrocketing from 2 days... Was in hibernation from two months... This cycle goes on with it.... 

Currently best best in green energy sector.... Ntpc green energy ipo also is in pipeline.... It will be another gem... 

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researching on it
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green energy is not a good place for max profit banks, amc, financel services etc

mid cap and small cap is also a good place as there is where the volumes are gonna flow 

remember sometimes the simplest stocks give good returns

inshort no you have to diversify in future anything can happen pick your sectors and invest 60 20 20 in atleast 3 sectors

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