is Jio Fiber Postpaid not Postpaid like sim?

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I am planning to install Jio Fiber. Upon contacting about prepaid connection from local guy, he said prepaid is no longer available.
He pitched me postpaid plan for 399+ GST for 6 months at Rs. 2820.

When I objected him for Postpaid like monthly bills after 6 months. Then he said it doesn't work like Sim card Postpaid connection, rather it is Rental Postpaid.
He said, If customer doesn't recharge after 6 months, then connection will get suspended after 10 days. And it will resume only after recharging.

Is he right about not generating bill, or is he trying to mislead me by manipulating the meaning of Postpaid?

P.S- I received 2 calls from 2 different sales reps and both explained me the same thing.

Thanks in advance.
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Jio fiber postpaid is scam. Only benefit you will get is free router and installation if you pay for 3 month in advance

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In jio fiber postpaid, Bill will be generated at start of the month cycle and you have to pay within 10 days

They call it prepaid on postpaid means services will not be suspended as what happens for prepaid connection instead of that you will have to pay the bill within 10days what you get on postpaid connection

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Yeah seems like they are not able clear 

i have jiofiber postpaid connection , bill is generated on 3rd of month and by 10th , I need to pay , after 10th they add late payment of 100 rs and if by 13th I don't pay they stop the internet.

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It's pre postpaid. You pay advance for the coming month. If you don't pay on time then you connection will be disconnected and you will even have to pay late fee if later on you want to resume connection. However if you decide to terminate the connection then you might have not to pay anything extra

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Does it impact customer's profile? means like will they call defaulter ?
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Always check the final pdf generated for new connection in agent's device before making the payment.

It should simply mention "Prepaid" plan instead of postpaid. The agent gets that option to select while filling details

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In jio they take advance rent or recharge and call it post paid. Also you don't get a detailed bill every month nowadays. Don't know how Ambani's make their own rules and no one takes action?

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