is packaged milk from online deleivery safe?


i noticed that most of packaged deleivery milk from online is having diff taste and is "close to expiry", while the same milk packet from offline shop is better , why is it so ?

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online delivery directly from the marketing co or via 3rd party apps?

Generous Generous
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3rd party swiggy zomato bigbaket

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We now mainly use A2 milk from a local farm in Kolkata. They supply directly by subscription mode and also through 3rd party apps like bigbasket, blinkit and zepto. For subscription mode they seems to have tied up with 3rd party delivery provider.

We have taken from all 4 options. Quality wise did not find any difference. But there seems to be preservation issues with Zepto & blinkit which lead to curdling on a couple of occasions, so stopped ordering through them.

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Because of handling.

The offline stores generally have an idea of their daily consumption, these instant delivery apps are quite new and continuously expanding so they are inaccurate in predicting daily demand, so they have to stock more than required and that ends up in old stock. 

We don't 100% know if their storage facilities in dark stores are upto the mark. 

Crowdpuller Crowdpuller
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Storage  and handling issue with online apps .They dont pay attention to  Refrigeration necessarily. Better to  avoid from them in general for refrigeration products

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I once ordered Amul taza using swiggy instamart, when milk was kept on boil, it instantly became paneer. I learned my lesson to never order milk online.

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