Is there any Android Video Player that provides such a feature?


Is there an Android video player that allows us to bookmark scenes or songs in a movie using duration? this is not about cut or trimming video. just marking a clip using start time & end time. Please look on the example for easy understanding.

e.g. I’m watching a movie. i have to bookmark a video song in it.

I took the option “Bookmark a Clip” in the video player options. I entered the start time as 00:15:00. I entered the end time as 00:20:00. I named the clip “Love Song” and saved it.

Whenever I want to watch the video song in that movie I can watch the song directly from that movie by selecting the “Love Song” bookmark in the list of “Saved Clip Bookmarks”.

To do the same thing in the usual way I would first have to play that movie and fast forward until i reach that song. But if I have the “clip bookmarking” feature described above, it will be easier to save any song or scene in the movies and watch it again later anytime.

Cutting or cropping video consumes more storage space on the drive. But when it comes to saving clips using duration, there was no storage space problem.

Probably any video player that works on Windows OS would have provided such a feature. But what I am hoping for is a video player that works on Android OS. Any idea?

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some one suggest a app to distinguish between porn and video song 

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some one suggest a app to distinguish between porn and video song 

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With Kodi we can create bookmarks (via start time*)

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