is this cloudtail's last puja sale?

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Heard rumours that cloudtail is ending in a few months bcz its partners are not going to renew their contracts.
Is this the end of cloudtail or a similar one will operate after its end?
Does anyone have any idea?
Tho there has not been any good deals for almost 2 years after lockdowns.. I missed the days when I was able to get solid deals, esp from cloudtail disappointed
Update – so it isn’t a rumour. But hopefully after the end of partnership, a new partnership is formed to start a similar business like cloudtail pray

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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I just hope that rules are not made so strict that we go back to pre ecommerce days on the mercy of shopkeeper to get good prices.

Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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Aveejeet wrote:

This is not rumors

I mean they’re not ending permanently right? Might be change of partners…. Hopefully

Deal Hunter Deal Hunter
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myfungang829 wrote:

If couldtail will go, so other tail will come…..

Will be harder tho since jiomart is getting everything in a silver platter.

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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If this is cloud tail’s last big sale then I hope they go out with a bang!
After covid19, sales had no more fun, things had only 0-20% discount (for non pantry customers), swiggy also had to increase taxes and delivery charges due to ever increasing taxes.
So I hope cloud tail gives some of the best deals like earlier times and give me, a middle class citizen, some joy.