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Is their any option to give negative rating, because its perfectly suits to cilory. Totally Fed up with their services, their process, customer services and App & Website. I have placed my first order on cilory, got delivered within 4 days, I wear products found some problems and I have raised a request for return same day. Product got picked up after 18 days, after placing 11 calls to customer service. If you are talking more than 2 minutes to customer service they preserve they are listing to you but they are actually tolerating you, I feel this because I have called them 11 times. I have to go out of the city, I called them and ask for pickup can be arrange from different location? They clearly say big NO and told me you can send product by FEDEX will coverup your money. Now how can I explain those foolish customer service if I have a time to do all those thing then I simply went to the mall and purchase product as per my choice why I am wasting my time on online shopping such a mindless people. Finally I left my product with my security guard and I went out of the city, product got picked up and product got received by cilory after 8 days of pickup. How it is possible I don’t know and there is no update about any tracking on app not even website under my order section. When the delivery boy come for pickup or drop they drop a message before 1 hr and then they have a complaint like we tried for pickup but you are not available on address how can I explain them if the delivery is schedule, you should send a message or at least any app notification you have to drop before 8 AM so at least customer will get ready for it. Again I have to called customer services because its already more than 25 days over and I haven’t received my money back. Customer representative saying “we can not refund amount because some perfume smell is coming from the cloths and its against to our policy to receive the used cloths, our quality team has denied to accept this product so now we cant do anything, Sorry for inconvenience” That call was held around 45 mins, I have explained them about each and every aspects but they are not even listening they just tolerating me. I asked them to arrange a call with some senior person of cilory and Its not happened till now its already 1 month over. They don’t even informed me about denied request not via mail or message and not even on call. I have called them then I get to know about this, such a fraud people. I have received my product back within 2 days. IE people who uses DEO/Perfume they can buy the product from cilory but they cant return it. Once I received my product back those are not even properly packed, I smell the product there is some rainy smells coming from it why because those product was at open area for around 18 days during rainy session their delivery boy didn’t came for pickup for 18 days. Just because of unprofessional delivery partner and their services it all happened now what I will do with those products I don’t know.
I have each and every pictures of cloths and every calls recorded which I have called to customer service and I am putting this complaint to consumer forum and I want my money back anyhow anyway. If anybody from cilory team have a problem with my complaint they can call me.
Total called placed = 23 (All recorded)

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Great… follow up with your consumer compaint and give us updates over here…. plus1 VU

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