Jio Family Plan - Howto Close Amazon Prime?

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I have a Jio Family plan. Amazon Prime was bundled free for 1 year, thereafter chargeable. Now, my Prime membership is due for renewal, and I want to cancel it. My Amazon account shows:

Prime Plan
Partner billed
Your Prime membership is activated through Jio. For any membership billing questions, contact Jio

Jio website shows:

Description of the Offer

Customer will be offered with annual subscription of Amazon Prime membership offered by, Inc. (“Amazon”) at no additional cost and thereafter on chargeable auto-renewal basis post the end of initial annual membership of Amazon Prime membership basis the eligible JioPostpaid Plus plan subscribed by the Customer (“Offer”).


The Customer can avail the initial Amazon Prime membership at no additional cost for 12 months from the date of activation. The Customer will be charged for Amazon Prime membership at a prevailing rates on the date of renewal through the invoice or bill raised under the plan. The renewal fees paid or charged are non-refundable.

Offer Renewal

This Offer provides Customer with 12 months of Amazon Prime Membership at no additional cost. During these 12 months, If the customer unsubscribes, have unpaid dues beyond bill payment date or downgrades to an ineligible plan, the Offer will end with immediate effect and will not be auto renewed after the end of the subscription period. In this case the Customer will not be charged anything. If the Customer wishes to continue and not unsubscribe, Customer will be charged renewal fee at prevailing market rate of Amazon Prime Annual membership. Customer will be notified at the time of renewal of offer. However, changing the current eligible bill plan to another eligible one within first year of the Offer will have no effect on the Offer.

How can I unsubscribe from Amazon Prime without changing my Jio plan?

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close prime b4 1 week, they charge card quite early for standing instructions

talk to bank and remove that SI

I do not have this jio prime so no exp

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