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I think first indian director to try at this grandeur. Partly boring but overall watchable. Watch on imax, experience is good. Prabhas & Nag pulled out this well. BGM , man could have tried better. 
money well spent, in DD terms not loot deal but VFM

Edit: After avatar1 this is my movie in theatres. Pardon me if I missed anything

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What is your suggestion bhai it's worth to watch this movie or not?

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If you like theatre experience yes, but more on story , dialogues etc you may disappoint 

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Not just BGM but dialogue delivery is also bad.

Maybe it's cause of poor dubbing.

VFX they surely cracked. fire

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" Edit: After avatar1 this is my movie in theatres. Pardon me if I missed anything"  @playdime After Avatar 1, is it the first film you have seen in theaters? flushed  Why didn't you watch Clash of the Titans, Dune P1 & P2, Avatar 2, Thor, Transformers, Terra Nova etc? 

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Sacrifice for job. Now too late to realize that sacrifice did not pay so I paid for this movie premiere 

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This movie is worth theatre experience but don't have high hopes.

Prabhas is pain to watch.

VFX and story adaption with sci-fi is very well done for Indian public. Kudos to Naga ashwin looking forward to next iteration.

BGM is big let down.

Kamal Hasan is great and his demeanor is better than whole Amitabh stature.

Disha didn't hold on to her temptation to show her jockey

Deepika looks like constipated.


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Prabas is a very bad actor. He did few good movies after that bs like saaho, Radhe Shyam, salaar and biggest crime of all time Adipurush.

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Which would better for this movie, imax 2d or normal 3d

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@playdime worth to watch movie with family ?

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Yes. If it is very good theatre or imax. If its normal theatre stayhome safe

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