Kindly recommend a good BSNL certified single band ONT

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Looking to buy a good BSNL certified single band ONT. Since BSNL outsources the ftth services to local franchise for installation of fiber network, the local franchisees provide their own ONT which are cheap and their BSNL certificates don't last long. As the certificate expires, BSNL keeps sending messages to replace the ONT due to security reasons (weak firewall). The local franchisees force the customer to buy their own ONT. I'm aware of Syrotech, Digisol, Netlink etc but not sure which one to get that has a good WiFi range & offers a stable connection with little to no downtime. TP- link is not BSNL certified.

Any current BSNL FTTH user here who can recommend a good single band ont? 

Here's the list of currently BSNL certified ONT. Search using keywords "PON ONT"

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Better buy it from your local provider who is managing the BSNL fiber network because he would have deployed the olt n manages the cables etc (last mile connectivity is outsourced to a third party in BSNL).  Your ont should be compatible with the olt he would have deployed.

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The local guy said Syrotech, Digisol or Netlink all are fine and compatible. However, each have their own flaws. Some cannot sustain a stable network for long, some have very poor WiFi range. Sometimes BSNL from their end locks the bridge mode so extending the network by a good router fails. These are some of the reasons I researched which is why was looking for recommendations from current BSNL users who have had such experiences.

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I am using BSNL ftth since 4 years and I replaced it with Jio Air fiber since 3 months I suggest install jio Airfibre instead of bank because BSNL fibre is unreliable it stops time to time for 1 hours and their coustomer support never pickup phone and their install charge is too high.

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Depends on your area. Jio Air Fiber has it's own issues which are plenty. Approximately 8/10 users don't recommend Jio Air Fiber. All my friends who had installated Jio Air Fiber are stuck now. The speeds they say drop to single digits often and unusable.

Regarding OP Doubt, I took BSNL Fiber connection 2 months back. Took Digisol ONU cum WiFi Router (Single Band) @ 2400.

Working fine. Normal range no wifi disconnection issues or anything 

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Ask them to provide a basic XPON ONT, and you can connect ur own router to this basic ONT. But problem with these basic ONTs is, in some u cannot connect Landline. But that will not be big problem, as everyone have mobile these days..

There are few forums where u can find people play with these things..

You can DM me, in case u dont find them..

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We have a DBC technologies model provided by the local installer

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I too have one provided by the local franchisee but it's certificate has expired & BSNL keeps sending me messages to change the ONT or face disconnection. The local franchisee won't change it & asking us to buy a new one

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