Kiwi Credit Card, Next Month?

Seems like, we might hands on Kiwi card (maybe virtually joy) next month.

As per their statements, product is only on paper yet 👀 , It'll get ready in 20-30 days.

So we can assume, next month 🎯.

Key Notes :

• Planning to hit 1 Million users in next 18 months.

• Anyone can use their Kiwi app for UPI like Paytm, Phonepe etc

• They'll also add inbuilt utility payments option and other things

Revenue Model :

Even founders didn't say anything on this but it's clear from point 2 & 3 that they'll cross sell other products, create revenue via utility payments etc. using SMS data, transaction pattern, balance history etc as Paytm & other platforms do.

P.s. - This is all my observation 👀, you can also add your opinion in comments.

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@admin update poll please sob joy

Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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Yeh poll ka LOL bann gaya. 😀
Deal Captain Deal Captain
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None of these apps have any model. They are just to launder investor's money

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Credit card platform Kiwi raises $6 million in funding to take on ‘credit on UPI’ offering

Read more at:

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Transaction rewards will not be applicable on the below category/type of merchants Fuel, Rentals, Repayments of loans, Jewelry, Cash Withdrawal, Wallet load, Insurance, Education, Government Services, Utility payments, EMI, Purchases converted to EMI post the transaction is complete, Payment of card fees, card bill payments etc. The Category of the merchants will be defined by the Merchant category code received by us in the transaction.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Max cap on rewards is 1% of the Total credit limit on the card

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Yup joy, let's see.
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