lenskart can be rated as India's worst eyewear chain

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lenskart can be rated as India's worst eyewear chain. When you enter their showrooms, you are welcomed royally but when you raise a complaint, their real nature will be known. I am a customer since few years with a comic name-Gold member. I & my family would've given them a business of about Rs.1 lakh so far. Recently, my premium priced specs glass got scratches which they sold saying it's scratch-proof but when I raised complaint, they refused any support citing their policies. Never buy from lenskart.
They are no.1 crooks and cheats.
They will give you all colourful pictures to spend on their excessively priced products but have absolutely no ethics when you go back to them with issues.
I urge all to never buy anything from lenskart but buy from Titan Eye+ or other eyewear chains which are much customer-centric organizations.

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What makes you think Titan eye plus is any good? We also switched from Lenskart to Titan and their service is worse compared to Lenskart. Product quality is a bit better but prices are also more. There is not a single person at my local Titan stores who could do basic repairs. We are doomed either way from all these chain shops.

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Can't belive spending 1 lakh on glasses and then getting such behaviour! May be you should try L&M, heard a few good things about them from one of my friend. Although I always go for the local shops, as they provide same quality of glasses with hugely less cost. Most importantly, they know their job, not like those sophisticated sales persons from these brand outlets without any knowledge. Also the local shops will provide free repair, you contact directly to them and they will reply with you humanely.

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In the end, only Luxotica brands provide best quality. I had been switching from all these eyewear low cost, own brand startups. None of them last for a year. Then I bought Ray Ban frame from a local eye store who has all premium brands. Safe to say it has lasted me for 2.5 years so far, no issues. My cousin once even sat on my glasses, still no problem.

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