Lenskart, Complete waste of time

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I visited lenskart.com to place an order for my glasses. I was suggested to place order through whatsapp chat. Mr. Sudhanshu was my eyewear expert. I selected 2 frames and gave all the details to him on whatsapp with links for selected frames. He quoted Rs.7840/- for the selected 2 frames with glasses. When I told him that your prices seems higher than the market, he offered me some additional discount between 5% to 10% and I agreed to it. He registered me on their website by taking my name, contact number and address details. Then he sent me a revised quote for Rs.7696/- which is hardly 2% less than the original quote. I told him that this discount was not enough as he had promised a higher discount. Then what he said surprised me…"Sir The original quote and discount was for other 2 frames, this one is for your selected frames.”
I said, “How it is possible, I have shared website links for 2 the frames that I want and you said this is the quote for them, now are you trying to make me a fool.”
Then I didn’t want to argue more so I said, “leave it now, I don’t want frames. “
After some time he pinged me again on whatsapp and said that we have an offer for you @ 7056 for both frames selected by you but you have to pay membership fee Rs.46 first to avail this offer and I said OK to this offer.
He sent me a payment link for this membership fee at 1:15pm and I immediately paid it and confirmed at 1:20 pm.
Now the drama started again after paying the membership fees, by my eyewear expert Sudhanshu…he said, Sir now offer has expired, now those 2 frames will cost you Rs.7400/-.

I was so frustrated by this game they were playing. Very disappointing, these people are trying to make a fool of the customers.
Such a waste of time and energy, totally opposite of what their brand guarantees.

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