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Currently I listan to Gryffin's new debut album Gravity on Prime Music. Gryffin is an American DJ. Tropical House, EDM, Future Bass are some of the genres he covers the most. Here is the Official YouTube link to the album My favourite songs are Nobody Compares to you
Out of my mind
Body Back
What are your favourite bands? Please list them along with the genre to which they belong to. 🙂 Language n genre should not be a barrier. Anything sounds good, then feel free to list them. Pray share YouTube links or reputed streaming sites only. Don't encourage piracy. 🙂🤗

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Post Valentine Day’s Blues
1) Believe In Me by ATB:

2) Turn Me Down by Markus Schulz Featuring Singa

3) Circles Around Me by Markus Schulz

4) Second Day by Markus Schulz featuring JES

5) Carry Me Home (Amsterdam Trance) Extended by Lost Witness & Laura-Ly

6) Forever by Farius

7) eclipse by nora en pure

8) Beautiful Things by Andain (Fady & Mina Remix)

9) Enigma [#ASOT2017​] by Omnia & DRYM

10) The Sun After Heartbreak by Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren & Arty

The butterfly I feel in my stomach after looking at those pretty eyes, the Chill I feel in heart, when I see them turn to cold. The misery I feel, when I become unrecognizable to those eyes. The helplessness I feel, when my eyes turn red waiting for replies. It is weird right!!! Music comes to my rescue, n it heals me.

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Year End Trance Playlist
1) Forbidden Fruit by Paul van Dyk

2) Supersonic by John Askew

3) Hey Now arty remix london grammar

4) Yámana (Extended Mix) by Joonas Hahmo x K-System

5) Enigma [#ASOT2017] by Omnia & DRYM

6) Asarja (Mirco De Govia Mix) by Mirco De Govia & Ronski Speed

7) Liquid Skies (Official Video) by Kai Tracid

8) Smile by DRYM & Jennifer Rene – (Amir Hussain Extended Remix)

9) Perfect World by Sean Tyas feat. Victoriya (Extended Mix)

10) The Love Frequency by Thomas Datt

Years are going like just like that, maybe it is a singular experience limited to me. Just like that 2020 is over. I mean it is really scary. In a blink ago I was a kid, after a blink I will be an old man. It feels like I am the constant one, but my perception changes after watching myself in the mirror. I can’t believe, I was just a boy. I want to be a boy again. And it is not possible. grinning That’s weird. whether I want or not the clock is just ticking. Just like that it is 16:07 PM now. I was checking something and it is 16:09 PM. I don’t know, that’s pretty depressing and disturbing to me. Believe it or not, we have limited time. Please just don’t waste it away. Because, first we waste time then time just wastes us. This vicious cycle has been going on and on for a while. I wish you guys a purposeful new year. smile

@MJ911 @bumblefoot @Priyanka @goss8877 @MrKool_JJ @malikcool @BubbleBoyChickenLittle @androgame @xuseronline @pingpong @rajrocks @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname @XiJinping00 @amdoinggood123 @VaibhavJain @guest_999 @getready @mas143forever @MSDfan @drjpatwa @saucap @vijkap201 @Dastro @drupal @sravz86
@B-Rabbit @G-Gowda @Nationalist @billubakra @homedimer @Alexios @VaibhavJain @Common-Man @cocay @rini50

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Couple of copied songs from Bollywood and their original versions

1) 500 miles by Hedy West

Justin Timberlake’s cover

Peter, Paul and Mary’s version

Jab koi baat bigad Jaye by Kumar Sanu from movie Jurm

2) Oh Carol by Neil Sedaka

Aye Dill Laya Hai Bahar by Hariharan and Kavita Krishnamurthy from Kya Kehna

3) Ya Ghaly by Guitara

Ya Ali by Zubeen Garg from movie Gangster

4) Tak Bisakah by NOAH

Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai by KK from movie Woh Lamhe

5) Theme for a dream by Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Pal Pal Har Pal by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal from Lage Raho Munnabhai

6) Thoia Thoing by R. Kelly

Gela Gela by Adnan Sami and Sunidhi Chauhan from Aitaraaz

7) Sending all my love by Linear

Need Churayi Meri by Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu and Kavita Krishnamurthy from Ishq

8) Roll Down Di Rubber Man by Dr Alban

Tip Tip Barsa Pani by Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan from Mohra

I am sure there are many more like this. Even
there are English songs, which are copied from other songs.

@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname @MJ911 @pingpong @sravz86 @goss8877 @xuseronline @Sigma999 @saucap @vijkap201 @bumblefoot @Total_Fun @cadence @SupportFARMER @natasham @_One_Miller_ @Wander-lust

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bikidas2060 wrote:

1) Banna re by Chitralekha Singh ft DJ Shadow Dubai

2) Rangi Saari by Kavita Seth n Kanishk Seth

3) Aaj jaane ki jid naa karo n Perfect mash-up by Jeffry Iqbal

4) Piya aao by Kapil Jangir n Anupriya Lakhawat

5) Kesariya Balam by Mame Khan

6) Chap Tilak by Jeffrey Iqbal

7) Malhar Jam Coke Studio 2 ft Harish Sivaramkrishnan


9) Ustad Zakir Hussain and Patri Satish Kumar

10) Miyake Malhar by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

11) Mohe Panghat pe Nandalala by Ustad Bismillah Khan and Ustad Vilayet Khan

My ears are very sensitive. I have managed to find music in roars of truck engines n Royal Enfield bullet’s dug dug like exhaust notes. I often visualise myself as a traveller and music as the beautiful scenery that a traveller alone can experience. Everytime a different experience comes whilst going down the same path. My taste in music often hits extremes of a particular genre can allow. When I was a kid, my parents say, I would go to sleep if and only if a good song is played on the stereo. 🙂🙂🙂

@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname @kukdookoo @Shahskm @Priyanka @pingpong @amdoinggood123 @vijkap201 @xuseronline @Dastro

biki bhai aap khate kya ho stuck_out_tongue

itna active kaise rehte ho smile

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Neeraj Shridhar/Bombay Vikings night

1) Hawa mein udti jaaye remix

2) Chhod do aanchal remix

3) Kya Surat hai remix ft Raju Sundaram

4) Woh Chali Woh Chali

5) Angel eyes

6) Mona re

7) Listen to my heartbeats

8) Tera Mera Pyar ft Falguni Pathak

9) Kasam Se

10) Tere Khayalon ke Saaye

11) Tum Mile from Tum Mile OST

I really love this song, Javed Ali’s version
and Shafqat Ali Khan’s

12) Zara Nazron Se Kehdo ft Celina Jaitly

13) Soniyo ft Sonu Nigam

14) Kya one and only Emraan Hashmi

15) Tumko Dekha

@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @Priyanka @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Song by Jesse McCartney

Trust me u will luv dis

Hunk Hunk
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Long time no see. 🙂🙂🙂 2020 is gone, 2021 is gone. 2022’s 23 days are already gone just like that. Come on. Give me a break. The moment I sit n try to catch a moment I end up lose that day. 😭😭 Sad life. I can’t believe 9 years are gone like that. 

1) Over by Camden Cox 

2) Poison by Ferry Corsten 

3) Connected by Cold Blue and Nikolauss 

4) Indian Spirit by Blastoyz x Sajanka ft Liora Itzhak 

5) Rays of Light by Alan Morris & Elixus 

6) Illuminate by Kasbo 

7) Live Forever by Kaz Benson 

@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname @rajrocks @kukdookoo @tappukepapa @luciferous @shoaibmax @drupal @mas143forever @MJ911 @bumblefoot;


Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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bikidas2060 wrote:

Long time no see. 🙂🙂🙂 2020 is gone, 2021 is gone. 2022’s 23 days are already gone just like that. Come on. Give me a break. The moment I sit n try to catch a moment I end up lose that day. 😭😭 Sad life. I can’t believe 9 years are gone like that. 

1) Over by Camden Cox 

2) Poison by Ferry Corsten 

3) Connected by Cold Blue and Nikolauss 

4) Indian Spirit by Blastoyz x Sajanka ft Liora Itzhak 

5) Rays of Light by Alan Morris & Elixus 

6) Illuminate by Kasbo 

7) Live Forever by Kaz Benson 

@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname @rajrocks @kukdookoo @tappukepapa @luciferous @shoaibmax @drupal @mas143forever @MJ911 @bumblefoot;


Comrade Comrade
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MOVIE – Satya

Budding Star Budding Star
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Budding Star Budding Star
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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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uska bhi dil tootega 1 din

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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aur hamare paas ha tony kakkar

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I had an opportunity to watch Billion Dollar Brain. It is a sequel to The Ipcress File. Billion Dollar Brain was released in 1967. Françoise Dorléac was the lead actress. She died that yer. She got burnt alive in a car accident. I am feeling very sad for her. If there was a time machine, I would have tried to use it to at least try to save her. 😭😭😭

A couple of tribute videos.

@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @BubbleBoyChickenLittle @Wontdisplaymyname @AyushiiiVijay @xuseronline @kukdookoo

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2) Brothers in law Aly & Fila strike again



5) Italian maestro Giuseppe never disappoints me



@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @nimod @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname @Awake @enapster @saucap @vijkap201 @amdoinggood123 @Dastro @Amit.Saha @kukdookoo @Tanmayyy @xuseronline @Rosh_0007

We are going strong since 2019. Honestly, I had never contemplated that this page will get 6119 hotness. This has happened because of your love and kindness. I really liked  #1, #3 and #8 so much. I have listened to I’ll be there for almost 20 times. 

Close your eyes, I’m right behind you
‘Cause every time I close my eyes, it’s you
Hold on tight, yeah, I will find you
We can be one, we can be new

I’ll be there for you again
I’ll be waiting, waiting till the end
I’ll be there for you again
Just take my hand, just take my hand
Oh, I’ll be there.

Isn’t it nice! Perfect eurodance trance tune makes the song even more elegant.

Tech Guru Tech Guru
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great song but hardly anyone has noticed this :

Hunk Hunk
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On 24th May/ 2010, Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was found dead in his hotel room.

File photo of Paul Gray during one of his live concerts. He was known by his number #2 and distinctive Pig mask. He was also known as the Pig. I will be honest, I didn’t know who he was at the time of his death. I was still in college and I was busy in exploring the internet. I remember the live performance of KoЯn in a Rock am Ring, 2007, concert. The song name was Blind.   

The drummer in the video is Late (#1) Joey Jordison. Joey Jordison also played for the band Slipknot since its early days until 12th Dec/ 2013. This video is one of the first video I have ever watched on Youtube. Sounds crazy. I am a bit different you know. And I had to download it on my cheap Samsung C3010S to be able to play it. And the mobile network was Tata Docomo. I guess you all remember 2GB 2G data at 65 rupees plan. So, the connection to the band Slipknot was made since my early internet days. At that time heavy metal bands used to employ different crowd control tactics like making them sit on ground and make em jump at a time.

Check this chaotic performance of Slipknot. Pinocchio nosed percussionist is ex band mate Chris Fehn, on guitars we have Mick Thomson and Jim Root, the drummer is late Joey Jordison, at 3:21 you will see a guy with spiked helmet (Craig Jones) is tackling a clown (Shawn Crahan, founder of Slipknot and another percussionist), singer is Corey Taylor (frontman of Slipknot and Stonesour), at 5:00 the bassist is the late Pig aka Paul Gray. So, the setup to trap me to fall for Slipknot has been set since a long long time ago. In 2014 I got my first job. We had this Oodoo internet service and it was providing unlimited internet. I stumbled upon Slipknot again. I listened to their MP3 tracks before, I had the opportunity to watch their live performances as well as music videos, without worrying for data cap. 🙂 Good old days, huh! Yes, Paul Gray will remain very close to my heart as I am a huge huge Slipknot fan. I will dedicate this following playlist to him.

Don’t wake me up, don’t let me go! ‘Cause all I need, all I see is you. Don’t wake me up, don’t let me go! And all I ever dream about is you. Skip to 1:59 , the tune is sooo catchy. 🙂

Unforgettable Slipknot moments

Blind by KoЯn ft Paul Gray

Paul Gray Tribute by Slipknot, Till I die

Paul Gray Joey Jordison tribute by Slipknot

Did my time, KoЯn, Paul Gray tribute

The Nameless by Slipknot

Never Give Up by Ramona Nerra, ATB 

Good for me by Above & Beyond ft Zoe Johnston Alpha9 remix

KEY4050 & Plumb – I Love You (Live at Transmission Prague 2019)

@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @saucap @vijkap201 @kartikxxx @xxxyyyzzz @kukdookoo @Ots14 @amdoinggood123 @Dastro

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Good Hindi songs from yesterdecades:









9)  I had this fallout with this girl. She was sooo cute. God. Well, I have some issues you know. She loved this song. 🙂 She is happily married now. We never had a chance to be friends you know. I wish I had acted a bit differently. During our last days everything was normal. Side effects of being sensitive can be pretty brutal. 🙂


11)  My ex’s fav song. I still don’t listen to it. 



14) I still don’t listen to it till date because I will get emotional. It was my fav song. I always had this premonition about our fall out with my ex when I listened to this song. There is this sad nostalgic tinge to this song. She would play this song and dream how I gonna have a Volvo to drive to my own office. Crazy days. There is a reason I don’t share many Hindi songs. A lot of them carry some meaningful memories for me. So, I don’t listen to em much.   

15) I used to make loop on my TV antenna cable to pick FM signal, so, I could listen to it. I was always a bit crafty with tech, so don’t judge me. 🐒🐒





20)  My friend got touched by this song. It is an oldie but I really really love this song.

@MrKool_JJ @malikcool @guest_999 @AyushiiiVijay @Wontdisplaymyname @Floriya @Priyanka @mas143forever @cashif @Tanmayyy @xxxyyyzzz @Ots14 @cancob @Time_Travel @kukdookoo

Sleeping on a cot in sleepless night in empty stomach thinking of home was not appealing to me that day but today I miss those moments. Walking down the empty streets, standing under a street lamp and attempting to measure my shadows was one of the things I recollect. I was not afraid of any pickpockets/thieves because I felt I was home. My shadow followed me like a trustworthy companion but even it would leave me during darkness. 🙂 

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