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Hi Friends,

I have to purchase amazon gift vouchers to purchase some product from amazon. I tried exploring various app which can offer me the best deal. So far, I have explored following apps and got below deals:

1. Magicpin -> 3% discount (plus 500-2000 point offer on spend of 10K)

2. HDFC Smartbuy -> 3x reward point (holding HDFC diners black)

3. Woohoo -> 3% discount using UPI

4. Paytm -> ~3% discount inform of cashback points

As per my research, I am mostly inclined towards magicpin to purchase these vouchers but incase if someone is aware of any better deal than what I have listed above, please do let me know 

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gyftr sbicards/sbiyono, currently due to a sale, there also amazon pay voucher is available at 3% discount + rewards on the credit card like sbi cashback card would give additional 5% cashback.

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