Loot - Bypass trick to Rotate Money or use Utility, Fuel, Jewellery, Gold using SBI Cashback card, Axis Magnus, HDFC Millennia, BOB Eterna & earn FREE 5% Cashback

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Loot - Bypass trick to Rotate Money or use Utility, Fuel, Jewellery, Gold using SBI Cashback card, Axis Magnus, HDFC Millennia, BOB Eterna & earn FREE 5% Cashback:

We all know Axis Magnus credit card - Default rate - 1.2% but on spending Rs 1 Lakh in a month - 5% rewards (or 6.2% if we redeem on vouchers).

SBI Cashback credit card offer - Flat 5% cashback.

HDFC Millennia credit card offer - Flat 5% cashback.

Bank of Baroda (BoB) Eterna Credit Card - 3.75% but with milestone rewards rate - 4.75% (spending Rs 5 Lakhs in a year).

But some cards t&c is that we can't use for fuel, Jewellery, Utility bills, supermarket etc -

Simple trick - Buy Amazon gv from Amazon for Utility bills & Insurance payment, Tanishq Gold Jewellery gift voucher or joyalukkas gift card from Amazon, HPCL GV from Amazon (currently OOS but wait for BIS), Reliance Retail gv/V-mart etc gift voucher from Amazom and vairous other branded gift voucher available on amazon and get full 5% Cashback on SBI Cashback card and HDFC Millennia credit card, 6.5% for Axis Magnus credit card and 4.75% for BOB Eterna credit card.

Another Utility bill trick - Load money to your Bajaj Wallet and pay for utility bills and get full 5% cashback for SBI Cashback card, 5% to 6.2% Axis Magnus credit card and 3.75% to 4.75% for BOB Eterna card (I think direct payment on Bajaj app also comes under non-wallet/non-utility transactionss but direct bajaj wallet oload method is verified).

Rotate Money - Buy Amazon gv and resell at 1.5% to 2% off. Where to resell ? well, many travel and recharge agents buy your Amazon gv at 2% off or higher denomination at 1.5% off (dnt ask me any agenets details, if you added on any trusted whatsapp groups then you can trade with them, already many credit card users doing this for daily basis (effectively you earned 3% to 4.2%+ using Axis magnus, SBI Cashback card, BOB Eterna, HDFC Millennia credit card without shopping).

Note - you can also recharge/utility bill/LIC/insurance payment to other people at 2% off using Amazon gv and get money in your bank account. Personally im doing this method for all my Amazon gv usages. Many LIC agents give you insurance payment on daily basis. Amazon gift voucher is the best method to bypass Utility bill pay restriction.

Trick to buy more Amazon gv - If you buy Amazon gv then maximum 20k allowed through Credit Cards but you can use multiple Amazon accoutn to buy more Amazon gv using same credit card, Thanks to RBI's Tokenization - Merchant can't indentity your credit cards to track.

You can also buy BPCL digital gift card for Fuel purchase from Flipkart here and get 5% Cashback on SBI Cashback Card, Axis Magnus card and BOB Eterna - https://www.desidime.com/deals/bpcl-digital-gif...

Bottom Line - 
Note - Axis Magnus, SBI Cashback card, BOB Eterna, HDFC Millennia's stupid system can't indentity you used for Utility bills, Gold, jewellery, Fuel etc via gift voucher purchase. This gift voucher purchase comes under Amazon shopping category and get full 5% to 6.2% Cashback and rewards.
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abhishek012 wrote:
Which one ? both are different topics.

Here is the trick to bypass SBI Cashback card, Axis Magnus, BOB Eterna and HDFC Millennia credit cards to get full 5% to 6.2% cashback/rewards.
What's new or Bypass trick here in this thread? It's all old wine in the new bottle thing. Buy GVs and use self or trade with others; these are the normal practices. What you did is just added a couple of fancy words like 'Bypass, trick, blah, blah...'. That's it.
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Drdrake wrote:
Cc use is too not rotate money but to use as leverage for cash. Request you to stop such post for few karma/attention
Let the customers and bank decide the correct usage of credit cards.
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Nice move by @abhishek012, VU  plus1🏼 plus1🏼
Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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When we get HPCL gift voucher is it like a prepaid / debit card or a promo code. Can someone share
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You are going to close most of the individual benefits and all card companies are going to reduce rewards.
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isme nya kya hai yr ?
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There is no sense of making these threads, since most of the dimers here are already knew about this trick/hack/loot whatever you say from the other threads. If it's for knowledge purpose then obviously it's not a bad post.

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