Losk 9k on products purchased on Myntra.com

Deal Newbie

I was ordering various products from Myntra from last 5 years and never faced any issue with the quality or return projecss. BUt from last month started receiving products (shoes mainly) in worse packing and without price tag and even after calling customer care and explianing them the issue sending the peproduct photo in which condition they recieved, they do not processed the return request. Same started happening for cloths saying proudct code is missing even the product jreturned in the same bag sane condition on very next day. THe sellers are taking advantage nad sending the items in bad packing without mentioning the tags and then reject the return and looks like Myntra do not have any quality control from there end. I just loose my nine thousand due to the Myntra’s no control over seller and finally closed the Myntra account.

Please do not order anything from Myntra.com.