Lost 1860 by magicpin

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i want to book a hotel on mmt. so decided to get more discount by gift card and search on trading section but not found any..

after this found at magicpin at 7% ..buy 2000rs gv at 1860 .  but when applying, its a gv only applicable at 5star luxusry hotel..

lost 1860..

any solution to get back my money..

thnx in advance.

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Deal Baba Deal Baba
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I don’t think that anything will happen or magicpin will refund , coz it’s written as MMT luxury getaways , you should have Searched about what is mmt luxury getaways , I mean I can be wrong coz I haven’t used any mmt gv ever still if you want then complaint on twitter !

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It’s non refundable.
And the title and gv both says mmt luxury you should have been careful.
Try in trading section maybe someone will buy.