Lounge Facility for DCB addon cards?

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Me along with my family have frequent plane travel in coming months. I have HDFC DCB credit card which gives unlimited lounge access. Planning to get addon cards to family members for lounge access to them.

Should family members must have HDFC account to get addon cards? Can I get add-ons without creating account?

Can the primary and addon cards holders access lounge at same time?
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Yes, primary and add on members can access lounge at the same time.   

If they have HDFC bank accounts, applying is easy. You can do it through net banking or mycards by providing their customer id. The card will come to your address in a couple of days.   

If they're not HDFC customers, you need to fill an offline form and drop it in your branch or send it to Chennai. They may take their own time to process or the application may just get lost in the ether. When I did it for my dad, it took three tries until they finally sent the card. 

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Is DB the ultimate card for louge access? Any chances of certain types of lounges excluded from DCB? Speciially at airports like Mumbai, blore etc.. ?
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YES the lounge access in unlimited free for everyone i.e. Card Holder & Add-on Card Holders for Both Domestic & International

Generally, addon cardholders do not need to have an HDFC bank account to get an addon credit card. The primary cardholder (you, in this case) can request addon cards for family members who may not necessarily bank with HDFC. But with Family Member having an account in the same Bank eases the process of getting addon card 

Yes, both the primary cardholder and the addon cardholders can access lounges at the same time. The lounge access benefit typically extends to the primary cardholder and their immediate family members (as defined by the bank's policy), which would include those who hold addon cards.

You can apply for addon cards through HDFC Bank's website, customer service, or mobile app. You'll need to provide details like the name, date of birth, address, and other personal information (KYC) of the family members you wish to add as addon cardholders. They will need to submit identity and address proofs as per the bank's requirements. KYC form and an add-on card form should be submitted

Add-ons cards generally share the same benefits as the primary card, including lounge access, depending on the terms of the credit card. This means your family members will also be able to enjoy unlimited lounge access when traveling with you.


Fun Fact - *Can swipe the same DCB card at same airport (Domestic)

*Can use it at multiple airports on the same day 


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*Can swipe the same DCB card at same airport (Domestic)

What does this mean? 
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