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The main reason we shop on Flipkart (or Amazon, etc) is so that, if there’s a problem, we have an unbiased party that can mediate. After all, most sellers do have their own websites.

Unfortunately, Flipkart is quite useless when it comes to resolving problems. Any idiot can sell; the quality of a vendor is revealed when there’s an issue with the sale, right?

In my case, a 53K treadmill proved defective (and fraudulent); I highlighted the issue to Flipkart within 3 days, but Flipkart couldn’t/didn’t help; now, I am stuck with the product.

Equally bad, or possibly worse, is the customer service on Flipkart that one has to navigate in such cases. I don’t think the reps are dumb. More likely, either management directives are confused, or software the reps are provided with is poor — one keeps getting repeated requests for information already provided. In my case, I have probably received over 25 emails, all quite meaningless (“We realize the importance of the issue… blah, blah, blah.” We would like to thank you for your patience… blah, blah, blah."). It is quite possible that Flipkart is using BOTS to respond to emails; if so, they are a major fail.

Calling on the telephone is even worse; I, normally a very polite person smile, usually end up losing my temper with the idiocy that I encounter.

I really wanted to encourage an Indian operation, but it must be worth encouraging. I’ve switched back to Amazon.

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flipkart is no more same after Krishnamurthy joined as CEO. They don’t focus on customer now.

Check ‘dost and dimes’ section you will find a lot of account blocked without any genuine reason. Go with amazon. Anyway none is indian now.