Made mistakes, never accept and no help at all to customers.. worst experience I have ever had with shopping sites. Myntra is THE WORST and should be banned

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Transferred my amount of rupees 4163 in someone else’ Account and I got to know this after chasing them for about 12 days. I called them about not receiving my amount, they asked to send bank statement.
Before sending bank statement I asked whether to send like as it is or in pdf, they said as it is and once I send they mailed to send in pdf.
Still I was hoping for help but they denied their mistake and said we have transferred your amount in given account. They were plain on mails with me and when I told them that I am going to raise this issue on social media, one of the supervisor assured me to solve the issue and also send a mail mentioning my amount will be credited in 1-3 days.
And next day again they send a mail they they won’t help me, I have to go to the bank and ask them to help. Bank clearly said that only that person can help who transferred the amount but Myntra people are so dumb that they can’t understand this simple thing.

I am really fed up with Myntra, these people are only exist to make us fool.

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VU for visibility and possible resolution steps from fellow dimers