Mathura/Vrindavan Holi 2022

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Planning a trip for parents/grandparents to Vrindavan this Holi for 3 days(16,17,18), can someone pls suggest best and economical stay options for them(5 ladies) and also how/what can they best explore in these 3 days. 


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Bhai personally feel its not a wise decision with senior citizens as the pandemic issues on / off anf season change , you can take thrm sometime later . Though saying this a kind o wierd now as all are roaming freely but still you can have a talk in your family.

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Don’t send them in congested place since they are old they are more prone to covid. Instead send them to place like Meghalaya.

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Fogla Ashram and Radhe Shyam Ashram is good and economical.
Let me know if you need any more help for visiting places or stay.

It is indeed crowded at this time of the year but it is once in a lifetime experience for sure.

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