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I was shown my order will be delivered on 6th July 2024. It still showing shipping soon and in quality check. When I talked on call regarding my order. The customer support lady. Ms. Yashi started providing me with false information regarding company policies and my order and trying to misguide me after finally picking my call when tried for 4 hours. Things like 1) They'll deduct money even they'll not be able to provide the order. 2) My order is in delievery procedure. 3) I cannot claim refund even though they have mentioned about 100% refund if order not delivered on time by playing with words like estimated. 4) They'll call me regarding my order within 2 hours. (yesterday 4 P.M. I was said this, still no call) 5) They are open on sunday. (When tried to coontact on call support both the numbers say they are closed today) 6)I can contact them on their email. (funny enough, they are not accepting any requests that way) and much more.
I don't know where my order is it was meant to be delivered on 6th July 2024, customer support trying to misguide. If it shows still in shipping control which should have actually be done before putting product in stock on the website and then not accepting what company is claiming. I don't want the products anymore this way, not sure even if they have them, cannot contact them on their customer support handles. 

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Complaint at consumer helpline website. And email them proof of that. At least they will respond in time.

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They are well known scammers. 

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Never faced any issue with them, buying for more than a decade now.

(They done some scams with some specific products, but never faced issue with the parts order.)

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