MI BOX 4K users must try


(pls note: If you already have an idea about video player features such as aspect ratio, saturation, etc., you will find almost nothing new in this article)

must try if you are watching movies from pendrive connected to MI BOX’s USB port. if you follow this method you can enjoy a great movie watching experience with eye-catching colors. definitely you will notice the improvement of the video playback quality.

steps to follow:-

1) download the apk file of this video player app called “mvp-android” and sideload it into the mi box. app link:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=i...

2) now open the mvp app. select storage to pendrive. play your favorite movie.

3) (this step only for if you are not getting full screen of the video playback. if you are already getting full screen video then simply skip this step) click on the settings icon on the app. select advanced→ aspect ratio→ 16:9

4) again click on setting icon. select advanced→ saturation→ change value 0 to 50. (you can increase the value upto 80 if you are not satisfied with the color improvement of the picture. but, 50 is enough for almost all movies/videos)

done! you can thank me if the enhanced movie watching experience makes you feel “wow!”

I personally use mi box 4k so I chose mi box 4k to illustrate the method.
AFAIK, this method also works on all android televisions, android boxes or android sticks.