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Micro Cap Chemical Company- Chemfab Alkalis Ltd

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Chemfab Alkalis Ltd

https://www.chemfabalkalis.com/C...ab Alkalis Limited is in the business of manufacturing basic inorganic chemicals and PVCO pipes.

Business Division
Caustic Soda Plant – Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine, Hydrogen, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite 
Chlorates Plant – Sodium Chlorate, Chlorides, Sulphates, Bromates, Alkaline earth, Moisture and more 
Salt Division – industrial grade salt and edible salt 
PVC-O Pipes – 11.25° PN16, 22.5° PN16, 45° PN16 bar Bend, PN16 bar Reducer, PN16 bar Coupler, PN16 bar Repair Coupler. 

Revenue Mix FY21
Chemicals and related products – 74%
PVC-O Pipes – 26% 

Manufacturing Capacity
The company has increased its caustic plant capacity from 125 TPD (Tons per day) to 155 TPD. It is further expected to increase the Caustic plant capacity to 200 TPD during FY 2021-22.
In the PVC-O pipes division, it has commissioned the 2nd Machine during Q4 of FY 2020-21. This effectively doubled capacity from 3000 TPA to 6000 TPA

Capacity Expansion
The company has received Consent to Operate for enhancing Caustic Soda capacity from 45600 TPA to 56575 TPA. The consent capacities of all co-products have also been enhanced. 

Subsidiary Company
The company has incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary namely ‘Chemfab Alkalis Karaikal Limited’ in FY19 for manufacturing of Caustic Soda Lye and downstream products in all forms & kinds. 

Greenfield Project
The Co, through its subsidiary, is planning to setup an integrated Greenfield project at Karaikal. The project envisages 200 TPD caustic soda capacity along with power plant, desalination plant and production of chlorine derivative (aluminium chloride). The project is expected to be funded with 25% equity and 75% debt. 

Changes in KMP
Mr. Nitin S Cowlagi, CFO of the Company retired w.e.f., 07.04.2020, and Mr. S. Prasath, an associate member of ICAI, was appointed as the CFO of the Company. 

The company has invested around Rs. 22 cr in mutual funds of LIC.

Selling of Ongole Plant
The company has accorded its consent to sell the Ongole Plant (land, building, machinery, and other assets situated at Ongole) which is subject to the approval of the shareholders 


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