Migration from Citi to Axis Credit Cards

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As per Axis Bank If you are holding more then 3 Axis Credit Cards You are not allowed to issue 4th Card as per their T&C. I wonder will our existing cards from Citi to Axis will get transferred and also our accumulation points how do we redeemed them there is no clarity on that. Does any one has any info about that

Q1.1 When is the migration from Citi to Axis Bank expected to be completed for all my credit card relationships? The migration of all your relationships, including card(s) will be completed by 15-07-2024. We will keep you duly informed of any changes to this timeline. Upon completion of the migration, i.e., 15-07-2024 onwards, you can start enjoying the benefits of your new Axis Bank card(s) on your existing Citi-branded card(s). Your Citi-branded card(s) will continue to work seamlessly till you receive your new Axis Bank card(s) within a few months after the migration. We will share more details with you in due course. Q1.2 What changes should I expect on my credit card transactions post migration? To ensure a smooth transition, we have ensured minimal changes in the way you use your credit card. Please refer to the table below for details on what changes and what remains the same on your card(s) post migration date1:


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U will get your citi card, which makes it 4, who are not citi custmrs they can keep upto 3

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dont read much of their T&C , they alwasys lie about in name of special condition to special case of special customer 

-so u will break their stupid rule of 3 card limit

-later if then and there u get option take some better card  LTF if possible also as rupay card is getting devalued take some other mastercard

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