MMTC-PAMP Green Turtle Silver Coin (Conserve Wild India 2018 Series)

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MMTC-PAMP Green Turtle Silver Coin (Conserve Wild India 2018 Series)
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My first step towards spreading awareness about endangered species with the help of collaboration between MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited and WWF-India.

Did you know? The Green Turtle was originally listed as Endangered in 1978.

Facts about Green Turtle:

· Scientific Name: Chelonia mydas
· Weight: 150-400 pounds
· Length: 31-47 inches
· Habitat : Oceans

I am very proud to say that MMTC-PAMP did justice by collaborating with WWF to spread awareness as such, while I was reviewing the coin for the first time I felt good that contributions from our purchase would be supporting mother nature. Sometimes we get so busy earning that we forget to give back, this became a point of realization to give back.

Features of this coin:

· Weight: 1 Ounce / 31.10 Grams
· Fineness: 999.9 or 9999 or 99.99%
· Design/Series: Green Turtle
· Symbol: Good Health & Long Life
· Mintage: 5,000 Pieces

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Read More on WWF:

Bought it from Flipkart and thanks to Desidime Members who notify me of such deals biggrin

Varun Kumar
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