MobiKwik CC Bill Payment failed for SBI CC Twice - Awaiting Refund


I tried paying SBI CC bill on MobiKwik from SBI DC but the payment was denied twice and even the message stated that refund will be made but Rs. 10k (Rs. 5k x 2) is now stuck and I'm in dilemma if this is a problem for others too or just me.

Before doing payment for SBI CC bill twice, I had a payment for Axis Bank CC and it was successul. Infact after these 2 failed transactions, I paid for Citibank CC, that was successful as well.

Any idea on this?
Also, after how much time will the amount be refunded back to source mode of payment?

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Are you trying to pay in excess of credit limit consumed as on date??

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hmm seems I am starting to see SBI credit card getting failure rate, because in someother post in DD some one complained that SBI UNIPAY SBI CREDIT Card payment failed as well 

so i think issue is with SBI Credit card maybe smile just guessing and wondering

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That's my guess too, issue is with SBI Card ... I'm even scared to try once more as Rs. 10k is already stuck and no idea in how much time it would be refunded.

I'm waiting for dimers to comment on this thread. If they're also facing this, I'll pay via HDFC Bank Bill Pay.

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Yeah it's been happening with sbi cards.

If you pay an amount that crosses your credit limit, your payment gets rejected.

Happened to me 4 times in two months.

1st 5400rs in may

2nd and 3rd- same day, last week 35k stuck.

I was trying to make a purchase. As a result of money getting stuck I had to pay the bill so close to due date.

4th - another payment stuck.

If mobiqwik says the refund is issued. No need to worry.

The refund will reach your savings account in 5 days. I suggest you make note(set a reminder in your phone) to check if the refund has reached you.

P.s., Hdfc billpay also doesn't work. My second payment was made through billpay was rejected and had to wait for a refund.
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Logical explanation but weird logic from SBI Card.

My bill generated was for Rs. 5k.

I got Rs. 685 cashback adjusted in statement credit. Since my bill due is Rs. 5k, it's rejecting because after paying Rs. 5k, it's crossing my credit limit.

Like, WTF SBI Card 🤧

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I made a bill payment 5k on mobikwik on 13th June still waiting for refund for failed txn... thinking about chargeback now..

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UPDATE (2-Jul-2024) :

I got Rs. 5k + Rs. 5k refunded yesterday and even got RPs for SBI DC through which I was trying to pay CC bill. Till now the RPs haven't been reversed, let's see what happens fingers crossed

@igen @DEEPANGEORGE @Demon_slayer @CR7

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SBI doesn't reverse RPs for failed transactions. It's yours to keep smile

Hopefully people wouldnt exploit this.
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