Mobikwik Xtra - 12% earning with P2P lending


Is it safe to invest in Mobikwik Xtra 12% P2P lending?

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Hello bro! Even though there's risk in P2P platforms, Mobikwik can be trusted because your money is lent only to the creditworthy  people and your money is split into small chunks thus reducing the risk of loss. Personally using it for more than 6 months and it's been crediting the interest daily without fail and tried withdrawal once. Got my money in just one hour. Hope this helps.

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For bharatpe

The average rate of interest is 1.67% per month, which makes it the best loan option available for shopkeepers in the country.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. 
Offcourse there is risk of P2P lending is involved here too like other platform. But about similar platform BharatPe 12% - there are many user complaints of delayed/stuck of withdrawals. 

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Thats user luck, i withdraw every week with no issues from both 12% and mobikwik. But i withdrew all from 12% because of current unstability in that. Also if the users were credit worthy, they would not be taking loans at 20%+ from these platforms, so the risk is definitely there. But since the amount is split, the risk is distributed.  Keep in mind that you can lose 5-10% of investment and invest accordingly.

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😳 Ashneer's comment may create panic to investors. 
Thanks for sharing.

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As per past history with mobikwik, it's 100% not safe.

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I have invested 20 lakhs + 20 lakhs (wife account ) in cred and mobikwik.I withdrew from bhartpe in both accounts and got my 20 lakhs back in 2-3 days. So until anything big happens I will stay invested.

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getting good monthly passive income of 35k approx.(previously getting 40 k)

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I am using that way nobody asks for net worth certificate.

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Watch this and you decide.

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