Moneycontrol Pro Annual subscription scam

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I recently subscribed to Moneycontrol Pro annual subscription, It was basically priced at 399 but they were offering cash vouchers that could be redeemed directly to bank account worth ₹300!. It sounded like a pretty good deal, so i subscribed and redeemed the vouchers too but it has been over a month now and money still has not been credited when they clearly mentioned it will take 72 hours. Their over-the-phone support is asking me to wait and they are not responding to my emails, is there any other way I could get them to respond?
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I didn't recive my cebil score one for like 6 months

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This is stupid man, I am no Sucker for 300 rupees but at least don't go lie around, I have raised one complaint with national consumer helpline, awaiting for their response.

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Bro same happened to me, I contacted moneycontrol support, they said that we have processed the cashback from our end and you have to contact Top Rewards. And I did, first they didnt pick my call for the first 2-3 times and when they did they told that the cashback will be credited within 1 day. Now its been a week, still not credited. BIG SCAM. If anyone has any solution please suggest, THANKS!

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Update - I have received the cashback. After posting here yesterday (23rd June) I mailed a strong email to their support, mca filling, grievance redressal email address too. And today (24th June) in the morning I got the cashback and they even called to confirm the same. I am attaching the mail below and the email adresses I mailed to.

Email Content
Dear Customer Care Team,

I am writing to bring to your attention the non-crediting of my ₹300 cashback on purchasing the Moneycontrol Pro subscription. Despite having followed the due process and providing all required details in the correct form, the cashback has not been credited to my account.

I have already raised this issue twice through your support channels, but unfortunately, there has been no resolution. My previous support issue numbers are <support ticket number>. Additionally, I contacted Top Rewards (your cashback partner) over a phone call, and I was assured that the cashback would be credited within one day. However, this commitment has not been fulfilled, and it has been many days since my initial complaint.

Please credit the ₹300 cashback to my bank account at the earliest. My Moneycontrol account is associated with the email address <your email address>. If this issue is not resolved promptly, I will have no choice but to file a complaint with the Consumer Forum against this unfair practice. I have taken all necessary screenshots and documentation related to this cashback issue, which I will provide if required for the complaint.

I am also sending this email to [email protected] and [email protected] to escalate the matter for faster resolution. It is not about the amount of ₹300 but ensuring correct business practices and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. I look forward to a swift resolution.

Best regards,

<Email Address>
<Mobile Number>
Please edit the above to your requirement.
Email Addresses

Primary - [email protected], [email protected]

CC - [email protected], [email protected]
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Even i don't get cashback on upi for a month. After that I contacted support and they said they have transferred upi. When I asked them to share on which upi id they transferred cashback. Next day they transferred and shared id

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I did mails for around 3 months and got cash back for fixed Deposit.  Try support@ 


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