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I am looking to buy a monitor for work. This would be used as a second display with my laptop. Have always used 21.5 - 22 inch ones but thinking of going for a 24-inch one this time. Would have considered 27-inch but apparently, it is recommended to go for a 2k display for that size. Also budget is a concern!

  • I would like to spend up to ₹10k on this and this seems to be the only option now -
  • Are any sale days expected in a month or two? 
  • Is 3 years the maximum warranty on monitors or are there any manufacturers providing more?
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Don't know if you'll have too many 24 inch options under 10k

There will most definitely be a sale around 26th Jan

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You'll easily get that Samsung monitor in less than 9k on sale days and we can expect one near to 26th January. The maximum warranty provided by the manufacturers is 3 years. 

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if it is purely for office work like MS Office/Teams/meetings/coding etc then 27inch Full HD will do and 2k resolution is mainly for gaming provided atleast 120hz (higher refresh rate) and mainly a suitable pc/laptop to output those many frames. I got the below Samsung curved one for around 17.5k after discounts from its selling price of 19.5k around 2018 end so 4+ yrs now and working fine, curved 27inch makes a more immersive effect even for office work 😄   and you have them from 13-14k and should be around 12k with discounts during sale in FK.. My monitor - (end of life now and came with 3yrs warranty)

You have 27inch Full HD - flat panels from 11k in FK and with card discounts should go below 10k

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Thanks, @arundass007378 - the ones you suggest are VA panel ones. Given their viewing angle issues, I opted for IPS this time.

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gischethans wrote:

Thanks, @arundass007378 - the ones you suggest are VA panel ones. Given their viewing angle issues, I opted for IPS this time.

oh ok ok, since i was looking for office work which would be literally sitting in front of the monitor mostly I didn't find any difference between VA or IPS or TN and more over curved VA from Samsung are good for single person usage for gaming and office work (with eye saver mode ON, viewing angle or colors didn't matter much), anyways congrats on your purchase and enjoy 😀👍🏼
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