More to shirts than meets the eye

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What they sell:
They sell … shirts, obviously. Their site can probably tell their story better than I can!

The good:
Information – I learnt a fair bit about fabrics and cuts just by browsing their site.
Ease of use – The site is pretty easy to navigate around.
Fabric – I think the cloth that they use for their shirts is great. Its all 100% cotton for the most part.
Sale – They keep pushing their ‘confident white shirt’ every now and then. For 400 bucks (now 500, I think), it is great. They also send a ‘15% off on next purchase’ code along with every purchase.
Packaging – They pack their shirts in a custom-made box that’s just about perfect.

Neither here nor there:
Selection – They have some fairly unique product lines such as Madras checks (lungi style), bankers shirts etc. They sell plus sizes, shirts with different cuffs and collars and plenty more. That said, their catalogue is massive by any means. They only had nine choices for half sleeve shirts at one point. This was a problem as I had purchased a shirt and wanted to exchange it for the next size. They didn’t have anything that I particularly wanted so I had to opt for the least offensive choice among the lot.
Price – I find their prices acceptable for an occasional purchase. The shirts certainly aren’t cheap but I’ve paid more at stores in the past.
Payment – The usual card/netbanking options are available. COD is available but they charge Rs 50 extra (atleast the last time I checked).
Shipping – I’ve had three items shipped from them – one took more than a couple of weeks, one other shirt only took three days.
Fits – They offer some interesting fits. I find their shirts comfortable but the fits do seem different from what you’d get from the shelf from a retail store. That means that the usual size might not work for you.

The bad:
Exchange/Returns – Their FAQ claims that they provide reverse pickup and/or reimbursement of courier charges. They flat-out refuted that and asked me to first courier my original purchase at my cost if I wanted an exchange. To be fair, another page on their site did say more-or-less the same.

Very interesting place for an occasional buy although I probably wouldn’t shop there every time I need a shirt

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