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Hii Can anyone here help me with an Ms Excel Formula:

My Requirement is to get a fixed day and get current month and current year in excel ??. For ex: I want 21th of every month ?? So in this month it will display 21-02-2022 . If I open that in next month it will display 21-03-2022 and so on…

This requrement is for a credit card tracker Due Date calcuation Which update the month & year every time with a fixed day.

If anyone can help pls try to share the formula for calcuation for the same.


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wahi purana date aur address ka lafda coding/macro banate samay… sad toungueout

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I am sure there would be a shorter way, but from my limited knowledge this would do the job ( if i understood the requirement correctly)

Use formula “=YEAR[TODAY()]” in cell A1

Use formula “=MONTH[TODAY()]” in cell A2

Use formula “=DATE[A1,A2,21]” in cell A3

Note- Kindly replace angular brackets with circular brackets, not able  to post them here

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=DATE ( YEAR ( TODAY ( ) ), MONTH ( TODAY ( ) ), 21 )

Sorry not much familiar with excel but tried to understand what you mentioned. Would this suffice ?

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DAYS360 and +30 would work.
Just guessing

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Thanks all for your valuable inputs. Got the job done.. 


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Cell A1 =YEAR{TODAY()}


Cell C1 =DATE{A1,B1,DAY[TODAY()]}

Note : left hand side just for information and right hand side is the code use small bracket only 

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ALT + H + FI + S
Here you can define your series, it can be in days , month wise and also give the step value, will calculate for all the periods accordingly

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it’s better someone create excel and provide download link

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just use this formula

this will give 10th of every month. you can put the day value you need in place of 10. replace all third brackets with normal first bracket – for some reason, the forum does not display properly when first brackets are used.

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