Mutual fund suggestion (which is your best)

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I am looking to invest Rs30k a month in mutual fund. FD’s are a crap now a days, rate is hardly 5.1 % or 5.2 % in physical banks. Some online bank like Paytm bank offer 5.5.

Is bajaj FD with 6% safe?

What is the best mutual fund you prefer investing and why? At this point with Ukraine and Russia waging war, what is your best suggesstion?

How much time should one stay invested before taking out the earnings? What average rate can he get in best of mutual funds?

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If you want high returns, there will be high risk and volatility (like small cap). If you want stable investment, risk and volatility will be less (like large cap)

Mutual funds is not 1 specific thing to give specific returns, it has many categories depending on your risk appetite and investment period.

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