Are you aware of ISA Mutual Fund account in HDFC Bank?
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MUTUAL FUND -> Trick to get HDFC ISA mutual FUND - NO 250 quarterly fee?

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Hello Dimers,

Any existing HDFC BANK account holders, do you know any method to get ISA account for free without quarterly charges of Rs.250/-?? 

Refer: Investment Services Account (ISA) - Mutual Funds Investment at HDFC Bank

I want to try it but not interested to pay Rs.250:) so any suggestion or trick to this?

hmmm also does premium banking service in HDFC like classic, preferred, imperia,.. etc allow us to wave of this fees?

Please do comment xD lets get answers:P

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It will not buy direct mf, regular milega...Don't go for it

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ah only regular damn, i thought i can pick something as research from it in ISA, i never buy regular mutual funds:P just wanting research analysis part of ISA:) so wanted to open account just for research recommendation smile if that is available in ISA so wanted to check it

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