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Need advise on choosing a flexicap mutual fund for long term SIP investment (8-10 years)

I have the following funds in my SIP portfolio

1. Axis Bluechip Fund

2. Axis Small Cap fund

3. ICICI Pru Balanced Advantage fund

4. Kotak Flexicap Fund (The one I am thinking of changing – Performance keeps on dropping and I do not see this beating benchmark as well)

I also need help in consolidating this all in a single platform.. I read about Kuvera and was told about it a few months back by someone on DD… Anything else that can be used. I would prefer having direct investments with AMC but keeping a consolidated view

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Cut the small cap fund. Buy Parag Parikh or PGIM flexi cap fund.(by that way you will be covered with small cap gain). 

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Btw i would suggest you to close your current sip format 

Based upon your SIP amount do this:

1) One passive fund (I would prefer smart beta passive fund like Kotak alpha 50 ETF or UTI Nifty 200 momentum 30) That would cater your Large cap need.

2)One Large and Mid cap active fund like Axis Growth opportunities or Mirae asset emerging bluechip fund.

3) One Flexi cap(This will cater your small cap needs) Suggestions would be Parag Parikh flexi cap fund as it is giving consistent performance with low risk, Also invest 30% in US market so you will get exposure of Global market. If SIP amount is high then add PGIM flexi cap(not so much overlapping) in ratio 60:40 or 70:30(Parag:PGIM).

Don’t buy seperate balance advantage fund, instead just fix your debt ceiling and buy some debt fund specifically for that according to your investment time goal.

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