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My Unfortunate Experience with Yatra: A Lesson in Consumer Awareness

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Hey everyone,

I want to share a recent experience with Yatra that has left me disappointed and concerned about consumer rights.

I booked a flight and received a seat confirmation, only to be later asked by Yatra to make additional payments. It feels like a calculated strategy to deceive customers.

As consumers, we deserve transparency, fairness, and honesty from service providers. It's crucial to raise awareness about such incidents to protect ourselves and others.

Let's be vigilant and share our experiences with Yatra and similar service providers. Together, we can shed light on these issues and demand accountability.

If you've faced similar challenges, please share support here twitter post. Let's learn from each other and take action to safeguard our rights.

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guest_999 wrote:
All online booking services for sectors like travel, hotel, movies etc charge it, right? Or you mean to say yatra charges more than others.
Yes someone said they charge 800 conv fee for air ticket while all other platforms charge 300-350
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They are already looting in name of conv fee.

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shraaj wrote:

Actually ,the total price was similar to this final price which i have uploaded here and on other websites the rates were similar to yatra thats why didnt think of that much! but there might be some tax issues which they are showing by showing more convienice fees and providing at a same rate like others @Knight11

So,it was not a loss for me!

In Yatra's Payment details

Flight taxes gets added in Conv Fees  which you see in Break up showing fees and Taxes.

That's totally normal

They are not saying it's purely Conv Fees.
I am a travel agent/ reseller
Had thousand of bookings with them
How many examples anyone wish to see. Flight fare Taxes & Conv Fees gets added after booking . So you cannot see real breakup of Taxes and  Conv Fees.
In International flight it's showing Online fees and Service charge 25302/-
It doesn't mean that Conv Fees is 25302. Obviously Taxes are added into itScreenshot20230523-022527 

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shraaj wrote:


Look at the Convenience Charges of Yatra for a Domestic Flight Booking- 3945Rs. 

@Simbha3 @CMGG @Akash115 @insta @Knight11 @noobDealer @guest_999 @DEALSTER @theking @ami123

I am 100% sure

You must have seen at the time of booking Conv fees shown by yatra was below 550/750/- or whatever but not 3945.
And After booking you are very well aware and convinced too that you are not Charged 3945/- as convenience fees because it included flight taxes and 6243 is base fare only

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