[Need Help] Axis Bank & Tata Aig Scam

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I recently opened bank account with axis Bank and
A few days before a customer support executive from Axis Bank’s sales department called me and he started to explaining benifits and suddenly he began to explain me some  insurance benifits which is unknown to me …. And suddenly I received this message

Thank you for choosing TATA AIG’s Group MediCare Insurance.Your Quotation Number is Q/NO/ (. …….. ) and Premium Amount is Rs.4521. "

I asked him did you activated insurance without my permission and he said no …then I asked then why I received such message but again he said no such things has been activated

Is this a fraud ? Will premium amount will be deducted from my axis account automatically ??

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Its quotation only.

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Manitian wrote:

Its quotation only.


not sure if it’s worth.. need to know more details

Rajasthan Royals Rajasthan Royals
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Don’t worry!
Just complaint at Twitter if you worry.
Same happened with me but I complaint at Twitter & nothing deducted.

Hunk Hunk
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It is only a Quotation that the sales rep sent you, in case if you’re interested you can opt based on the quotation provided.

Edit – My experience with Axis Bank Customer support is bad pensive

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hese wrote:


not sure if it’s worth.. need to know more details

You want details about policy ?

Hunk Hunk
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I also got the same call from axis bank rep. I think this quotation of ₹4521 is actually for a TOPUP policy.

Read again: It is TOP-UP policy, NOT SUPER-TOPUP, hence totally useless.

But in case anyone needs info, axis bank rep sent me brochure and here are details

Cover ₹15 lakh
Cover for 2 adults + 2 children (its a floater)
Deductible ₹2 lakh
room rent/icu no restriction
ped waiting 2 year
specified disease waiting 2 year
premium (including gst) ₹4449 for 15 lakh, ₹5449 for 20 lakh, ₹6499 for 25 lakh (₹2 lakh deductible in all)

In the brochure its mentioned that ₹4449 is including gst, so I’m not sure how you got that quote of ₹4521.

Topup means every single claim needs to be above deductible, only then amount above deductible will be paid.

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
claim 1: ₹1 lakh
claim 2: ₹2 lakh
claim 1: ₹3 lakh claim 1: ₹1 lakh
claim 2: ₹3 lakh
No payment from topup since individual claim did not exceed deductible of 2 lakh. You have to pay entire 3 lakh from your pocket or base policy Here 1 lakh will be paid by topup, 2 lakh you have to pay from your pocket/base policy Here 1 lakh will be paid by topup for claim 2 only. You have to pay 1 lakh of claim 1 + 2 lakh of claim 2 from your pocket/base policy

Please note: This is group medicare topup policy. It is nowhere on axis bank website. The policy mentioned on axis website is base policy only (group medicare policy), with minimum premium ₹7605 for 5 lakh cover for 1 adult. Don’t get confused.
Details: https://www.axisbank.com/retail/insurance/healt...

Another important thing to note: I asked axis rep to send me super topup details. She said they’ve super top-up also. Then she sent me brochure on whatsapp for some ETB super topup policy. However, only file name is super-topup but inside details are of topup only. joy So be aware of this.

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Fintech/Neo Banks can’t become legit soon enough.

They might have their own problems of course, but it will show these banks who need to sell ULIPs to breakeven a lesson.

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