need help in understanding medicine names

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Hi I need help in understanding the medicine names in attached sheeet so that I can order it online rathar then having doctor dependency all the time for these medicines. Can someone help in this not able to understand handwriting

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You have 2 options.
1. Get meds for a week or few days from the store or hospital near doctor as they best understand it or you can buy locally too then later on you can order online.
2. All platforms have a option to upload prescription directly they will read it and order for you although discount will be less there.

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Once i couldnt read it properly, so i sent it back to doc on wapp, called him and told him even pharmacist can’t read it so just type it and send on wapp.

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Suggest to check with doctor and note them in your own style. Even some times, people in store could not interpret, and a few assumes certain things based on other medicines or patient issue. So instead of all these assumption games, check with the doctor who prescribed them.

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Problem here is doctor himself sells these ayurvedic medicines and they are without any labels. I wanted to cut him off as I think he charges very high amount