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i already had term insurance from Max Life, got a call from max life term insurance for my wife and i applied for it and paid the premium, few test were done from their side, I mentioned all the previous operations , later they asked me to upload reports, i uploaded reports in one of regular tests my wife had Thalassemia minor trait, they asked me to submit a declaration that she did not have any problem wit it and is fit. later they rejected my wife’s policy after one moth of payment and refunded amount back, i asked them reason then they started giving different responses like “Plan is not allowed as per Company Guidelines”. do any body have contacts in Max Life so that I can get policy, I paid premium few days before birthday but they rejected later so premium also increased earlier it was just 4300 something.

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Don’t dare to do mischief with same company even if someone gives 100% assurance about issuing policy. They have ur past data, that is enough for claim rejection.

Either choose another company or try in same company after 6 months with giving same data…