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I have aquafresh RO at home. Its filters need to be changed. We have been calling a local seller who used to service it at reasonable rate.
But now he told that 3 filters and membrane need to be changed and will cost 2000 for it. Also the pumping motor needs replacement as it takes quite long time to refill once empty, costing around 1500 for 100gpm motor.
So a total of 3500. And he told that a new RO with similar equipment will cost around 5500.

Need suggestion as previously he installed filters at around 300 each.
Is there any specific brand available locally (delhi NCR) or online which is trusted and not expensive. The service guy said he will give BIO named filters. Don’t know much about it. Kindly suggest if you know filters and motor availability anywhere.

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Check local market, motor costs 1000-1200 retail but you might get better deal in wholesale market
3 filter set also ranges from 900-1200rs
Better check for new RO machine which comes with 2-3 yrs warranty