Need help with passport renewal

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Hi guys , 

my passport expired and I want to renew , I'm currently living in rented place (3 years ) ( Punjab)  , My passport was issued in my hometown address (Uttarpradesh ) , as I'm not able to go my hometown, how can I renew my passport having hometown address printed on passport but apply from Punjab nearest passport office is chandigarh. 

Can anyone help out please. Thanks

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Don't do that.

Police enquiry will be triggered at your hometown. And they will ask why you choose Punjab PSK being resident of the UP.

Also, if you will choose two different address i.e. Permenant as UP and Present as Punjab, then 2 Police enquiry will be triggered.

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Use hometown address as your permanent address (if it is) & your current address as your present address. You should have proof of present address like notarized rent agreement or your bank account passbook of any nationalised bank that clearly mentions your present address. Also make sure that your bank passbook contains your passport size photograph and get it attested by your bank manager with seal.

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You can apply at a PSK under RPO, Chandigarh. The police verification, if necessary, would be conducted at your home address. RPO,Chandigarh, would print and dispatch the passport at the address specified in the passport application form.

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Local Police will raise concerns about it, i.e. Why PSK Punjab when you are a resident of the UP?
Happened to me to even use PSK 300KMs from my hometown. Had to provide 3 years of documents and all to prove that my present and permanent address are the same.
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Got mine renewed last month, changed it to new address (using Aadhaar) as well, No police verification. Received the new passport in a week

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Can you please guide me how ? Was your new address in different state ? 

I have address updated in adhar in new address 

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