Need laptop suggestionn for BBD sale 50-60K budget

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Need laptop suggestions during BBD sale. Will be using for office work mostly. Required: 8GB RAM (min with extra empty slot if possible), lightweight, 4-5hrs battery, Ryzon5 or i5 11th Gen, 512GB ssd, Full HD and bright screen, backlight keyboard(not must), 14-15" screen size. Full keyboard with numpad if possible. Extra graphics or touch screen are not needed.

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nothing beats Mi ultra laptops when it comes for office work, the fit finish quality metal build is top notch almost close to apple at half the price, keep an eye for these as it will surely come in your budget, for gaming there are many options but for office and work Mi is best.

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Buy a laptop only with ryzen processors.. Look for ryzen 7 5700u laptops.. The processor is like 2-3 generations ahead of Intel 11th Gen

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Any particular model in mind?

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Go with Dell or Lenovo notpad which comes with Lifetime window and Microsoft office license.

Dell give you online suport and as well as home repairs service

Lenovo laptop is good and ligh weight

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You will not get full keyboard with numpad in less than 15.6" screen laptops. I searched & frankly speaking I couldn’t find any good 15.6" laptop even around 70k which is light weight, has good screen, latest powerful processor & is upgradable to 16gb ram without throwing away one of the pre-installed ram module.

If something like this comes with 11th gen i5 or ryzen 5500/5700u under 65k then that would have been perfect.