need samsung s20 snapdragon version

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HI All

I plan to buy samsung s20 snapdragon version but unable to find the link

samsung s20
processor:- snapdragon 865
sim:- Dual sim
Unlocked version
price:- below 800$ or 50k wink

I looked in some usa and ca sites but all are selling single sim version not dual.
if anyone found link and ship to india, please let us know..

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Not worth it. Reasons: no proper 4g support(votle may or may not work), software always looked like US one(example samsung pay will always show USA offers). No warranty(biggest con).

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hackerboys wrote:

is it better than s20 ?

I was mistaken. I thought S20 FE came with SD 865 processor and OP seemed to be interested in that. Other specs were kind of same.
There a 5G version with SD chip but apparently it is not launched in India.
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