Need Suggestion For Good Watch

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Hello everyone

I need your suggestion for good watch under 5k for my Father.

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I tend to lean towards Titan when it comes to traditional (i.e. non-smart) watches.

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Don't spend too much on watches, as they may only look good in the showroom.

Watch manufacturers in India capitalize on the fact that non-smart watches in the 5k to 10k price bracket are often purchased as gifts. Knowing that most buyers will not return to complain about poor quality, these manufacturers prioritize appearance over durability. As a result, overpriced watches with subpar quality are commonly sold in showrooms, with the emphasis on looking trendy and sophisticated rather than lasting long-term.

I once bought a multi color bezel Titan metal strap watch from a Titan exclusive showroom in Bangalore for around 5k, and it looked flashy and trendy at first. But within less than a year, the bezel paint work started to degrade and peel off, and the steel polish looked worn out.

Since then, I have decided not to splurge on expensive Indian-made watches.

A reasonably priced leather strap watch is a great choice.

It would be best to gift the money in cash and let him decide how he would like to use it.

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HMT, Titan/ Tanishq, Titus, Casio.
(Unsure if new Casios, Titus' in non digital will come in the given budget.)
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Go for FastTrack, I have used both the analog and the smartwatch of this brand and I still have both of those watches still in good condition. I'm satisfied with the built and overall quality, definitely build for durability.

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