Need suggestions to buy water filter

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I want to buy a water purifier for myself. Water contains some white residual I think it’s calcium or TDS . Suggest me best water purifier according to my problem. Usage- For 1 person only

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Water will vary from city to city.. Also the type of water you plan to use municipal or ground..

Get TDS measured and then take a call..

Live pure seems to be chepeast option

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Bro water purifiers are at ATH. Most are gimmicks. Suggest you to visit local market and get one assembled for yourself because under that ken/aquaguard machine same chinese parts are being used.
For 1 person, I would suggest those shakers with filters or those portable purifiers.

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Go to domestic water purifiers. Get it from local vendors…You can get them around 8-9k with some warranty. I bought one domestic water purifier from local vendor and he quoted 7k for me. I tested TDS before installing it was around 250 after installation I set it to 50-60. Its been 3 years now. Once year I used to change secondary filter which costs me around 500 other than that no charges at all. Its working perfect.