Need to contact of highest official of amazon

Deal Subedar

Do anyone have email id of highest official who can help me out regarding my recent order.

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Sunasuna wrote:

Do anyone have email id of highest official who can help me out regarding my recent order. i think Mr. Amit Agarwal is the MD and/or the head of operations in India.

but e-mailing him from the address already registered or known to Amazon will bounce the e-mail to the ECR teams😛 [[email protected] or [email protected]].

these same Executive Customer Relations team also handle the e-mails which the shoppers at AmazonIN site send to [email protected].

Officially, (within customer support) the ECR team is the highest ‘point of contact’ to whom a buyer of AmazonIN marketplace can reach out to.

P.S.: and even they are so overworked right now, that even if their shift/s end by 17:30 or 18:00, they might still be on customer calls at 2100 hours in the late evening. (perks of “work from home”)
[↑this↑ is observed with Flipkart’s real escalations too. people newly shunted into escalations unashamedly shove their contacts to their supervisors. Sometimes even blaming the customer, that the buyer wants to connect with the supervisor.
Whereas even more critical issues (say: customer claiming different product received) are investigated or looked into by the team manager (even above the supervisory staff).
Sadly, everyone😛 introduces themselves as from Flipkart escalations, so at first contact there is no apparent way to identify whether they are the newbie/ recent promotion, the supervisor or the manager/ actual original escalations person (from 2-3 years)].

AmazonIN ECR seems to be in a similar situation, wherein random hiring or promotions have happened in recent months and these newbies or casual people randomly close their contacts (customer e-mails) with half baked responses. Ditto for when they are on calls too!