never ever buy anything from pepperfry

never ever buy anything from pepperfry

Deal Newbie

My experience has been crazy and very frustrating with them.

Their customer service is horrible.

Delivery staff is worst ever. Liars.( Read below, if you want to know why)

Delivery management – dont event ask about it, never ever on time.

I placed an order with them for Victoria Corner Stand, order number 305407795. It was supposed to be delivered to me between June 11 to June 14th.

Their delivery boy called me and told me that they have some commute issue so it will be delivered by 15th. But, they did not delivery by 15th. So I called them and told them to check .

I heard from Customer service that their system shows that delivery attempt was made on 14th and no one was available( What the F) .

Anyways.i told them I never left home and I kept my phone on and I checked with my Apartment Security as well, no one came to delivery. So can you send it now.they said, it will be delivered shortly.

Another day goes by.on 16th I call them and they say they will delivery tododay.

16th morning – I get a call, that delivery will be done in 30 minutes

16th afternoon, no sign/ no calls

16th evening – no sign

16th EOD .#$#@ F) them . I call them to cancel my order.

and what I hear is, we dont care if you received product or not, your order can not be cancelled.

So here you go everyone. Never ever buy anything from them. better to spend more money and buy from a reliable service provider or shops.