never ever transact anything through freecharge.

Deal Cadet

Disgusting site ever. I lost 2000 by transacting through various sites and now they are dragging this issue like forever since a month.
Lost 1200 by transacting through ebay
Lost 800 by transacting through dominos

in the ebay case, they request me to send a mail copy from ebay and ebay provided me with and i even forwarded it to freecharge. Now daily freecharge is giving stupid replies like….all hands are full, we are seriously looking into it, sorry for looking deep blablablaaa and day by day i’m getting curious whenever i receive a mail from them

in dominos case, my order amount was deducted but it is not successful. Freecharge has the money and said that they are refunding the amount. this happened on 16th April and requested me to wait for 5-7 working days. today is 29th and freecharge is saying that they has issued my refund and i should contact my bank where as bank is denying that i didn’t get any money.

I kindly request everyone not to request through freecharge ever again
Actually my account has been blocked by freecharge long back and begged them to unblock it. after unblocking i did 3 transactions only. out of 3, 2 were recharges which are successful by God’s grace and that Dominos is a failure.
Ebay is transacted thorough my brothers device which is in use since 2 yrs.

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You will get it just wait for a month.
Their systems should be settling things automatic at the end of month.
This happened with payzapp n razorpay took almost a month for me.
No personal experience in case of Freecharge though.

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