NIC, Amul, Verka, keventers, Getawhey, Frozen Desert or real Ice cream

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Anyone knows if NIC, Amul, Verka, keventers, Getawhey are Frozen Deserts or real Ice creams

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amul is real ice cream....havmor is pure ice cream
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Frozen desserts are mentioned on the label. Check before buying.

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its mentioned .... some time at back or in very small letter , always check carefully  ... same for butter also 

it will be mentioned as table spread or butter ..both are different products 

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Read the label carefully. Some brands mention it in the front, some disguise it in small letters on back. But if vegetable oils, flours or emulsifiers are among the ingredients, then its a frozen dessert.

In ice creams, source of fat is milk.

In frozen desserts, source of fat is vegetable oil.

Vegetable oils are also used to provide better texture, shine or consistency. Vegetable oils are all not that bad as they're portrayed, but vegetable ghee or vanaspati ghee or dalda is definitely harmful.

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amit_ag wrote:
amul is real ice cream....havmor is pure ice cream

And what's the difference between real n pure?? 

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