No way to contact a seller on Flipkart


There’s an option there on Flipkart, just like there’s on Amazon- Contact Seller. In practice however, Amazon’s actually work, you can send a message to the seller directly, but in contrast Flipkart’s is there just as show off. It doesn’t let you message the seller, rather it lands you on the Flipkart’s own help section or whatever.

I purchased a product few days back and wanted to know a few details about the item beforehand, but as the above didn’t work i still carried on and chatted with FK CC rep. And the reply I got is attached below.

Must say, excellent customer support.

PS: The above image doesn’t even show properly! I just installed the app to be able to upload images only! Uninstalling again.

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Also I have noticed is on Amazon, the 3rd party sellers makes an effort to repond to your messages sent over amazon’s messaging section.

I think there might be some kind of interaction appraisal for sellers, that might affect their product listing ranks for responding quickly to customer queries.